Ok, maybe fit isn't the right word. That title has long been secured by THIS lumberjack. But there'll always be 2nd place for the whore that looked highly fashionable while getting her lungs bruised from the bottom. This place needs a little class sometimes.

01/24/17 | 167,308 views
  • No Enjoyment Whatsoever
  • Resistance is Futile
  • Ass To Mouth Soothes The Pain
  • The Damage is Done
  • Seven Minutes In Hell
  • She Tries To Stop Him
  • Bad Day Gets Worse
  • Kidney Damage GUARANTEED
  • Pain levels, From 1 To 10 Fast
  • Is that all you got bitch?
  • "Don't fuck my wife... BREAK HER!"
  • How Dry do You Want it?

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