Dude gets the green light to go Sonic the Hedgehog on some prime poon after being PAID by her husband. A legitimate pussy slayer for hire. Another one of those courses that should be offered on college campuses alongside underwater basket weaving.

09/26/16 | 790,603 views
  • How Painal Paid For College
  • Extra Sauce Pls
  • Going To Be A Tight Fit
  • 5 Extra Bucks Means No Lube
  • She Doesn't Last Long
  • Never try this at home. NEVER.
  • Can Only Take It For A Minute
  • Daddy issues? No. Daddy CATASTROPHES
  • It Will Be Over Soon
  • Nothing Could Prepare Her For This
  • DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME (for real)

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