I guess she figured once the initial stages of clenching subsided, she'd be able to coast her way into her next Grand Slam Denny's breakfast without issue. This girl shared the same ideology. Late night Internet browsing can really mess with your head man.

12/31/16 | 74,907 views
  • Too Tight
  • REAL: "Oops, I tore your asshole!"
  • The Damage is Done
  • She Had To Bite Down On Something
  • "she's twitchin"
  • 12 Minutes of Breaking BBC
  • "I DON'T DO ANAL!"
  • DON'T CUM IN MY ASS! (guess what he does)
  • Ginger Binger
  • GREAT Ass, BAD Attitude
  • Wait for it...
  • "I think I'm ready for ana...oh FUKKKKKKK"

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