Everyone is born with a talent. His is the ability to persuade stubborn women into giving up their dribbling dangus with nothing more than a pocket full of Abe Lincolns and a hearty "fuck you". Watch in awe as this thirty-something falls into line.

05/31/16 | 118,747 views
  • Anal Makes Her Space Out
  • On the Verge of Tears
  • Cutie Struggles With Butt Plug
  • Pain Or Pleasure?
  • Just scroll to 5:04
  • The Dr. Phil of Buttsex
  • Punk Rock Reality Check
  • Yoga Might Help with That
  • There's no coming back from this
  • Bubble Butt Can Only Fit Half
  • Out for Repairs
  • Okay.. THAT was unexpected (LOL)

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