Today's Lessons: Looking like Peggy Hill won't keep you out of porn, anal sex may be the cure for racism Bill O'Reilly is looking for, and watching a XXL female treat a black man's penis like the pastry line at Golden Corral is strangely erotic. yeeeep.

09/01/16 | 117,214 views
  • Too Thick I Quit
  • Wow, Ethan! Great moves, keep it up
  • Too Shy To Say Stop
  • Not Tears Of Joy
  • Is that all you got bitch?
  • This is Why I Have Trust Issues
  • "no not my ass. NOT IN MY ASS YO!"
  • Crying Makes Him Harder
  • Cuckolding gone... right?
  • #PTSD
  • You know what you signed up for
  • Fist Vs Butt

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