My first 'pay-to-play' was at 21, in an abandoned storage unit. She was more Kurt Perry than Katy Perry, pretty foul. Not even a replay of Heather Graham's bush in Boogie Nights changed the mood. But if I had this guy's attitude? Life would be different.

09/29/16 | 223,699 views
  • 404: Mercy Not Found
  • Fearless
  • The Dr. Phil of Buttsex
  • Nobody Escapes The Machine
  • Tries To Fit It All In Her
  • Another Girl That Wont Try Anal Ever Again
  • This Is Really Fucked Up
  • Not Sure It Will Fit
  • Kidney Damage GUARANTEED
  • First Is The Worst
  • Officially Made a Woman
  • She Don't Want It

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