You see all these videos of guys pre-gaming the orifice less traveled with essential oils from Egypt. Jolly good fun. Then there's this alpha mother fucker... who treats his cock like a territorial rhinoceros and takes no prisoners. Way to kill the trend.

07/31/16 | 461,763 views
  • Going To Need A Doctor
  • How A Girlfriend Becomes A Wife
  • Sold His Wifes Ass At A Bar
  • Trying Hard To Fit It All
  • Yup, that's the look...
  • She Has 2 G-Spots
  • Supermodel Tries Anal
  • She Will Never Do Anal Again
  • Never To Old To Try Anal
  • Anal Causes Breakdown
  • Not Afraid, But Should Be
  • Anal Was A Mistake

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